Heidi K-J.

Heidi K-J.

Heidi K-J.

Heidi K-J.

Hattie G.

Dorota C.

Hattie G.

Hattie G.

Zeynep S.

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Tracey G.

I chose the black swan because it has a strong connection to the person I am. 

It is first and foremost a water creature. 

It signifies a victim to a victor, like me it is graceful, beautiful inside and out. It is trustworthy, loyal, also when life gets overwhelming,  like me it takes solitude in a place of tranquillity and peace to meditate and recover and recharge itself before returning to normal. 

Like myself, it takes pride in its appearance and enjoys finer things in life and makes efforts to pamper oneself.

The black swan symbolism is that of one of power that teaches to relax and how to reach out to those around them. 

Like me, it’s associations are pleasant and surprises and unexpected discoveries and challenges the impossible. 

Keywords associated with the black swan are, 

Ancestors, assistance, compassion, cooperation and group cooperation, happiness,   Liberation  joy, love and partnership, pride and revelation, tenderness, thaumaturgy and wonder. 

It is because of all these traits that I relate myself to such a beautiful animal.

Lauren S.

Rachel D.

Streamlined, ergonomically designed for the water.
Some days I glide & flow with the currents, at one with the water around me.
Some days I’m out of my depth suffocated. Swimming upstream, fighting the tide. Failing at the surface to try & stay afloat, escape & breathe.
1 of a shoal but lost, alone, detached from the habitats around me.
I’m perfectly designed for the water, yet at times I’m drowning.

by Michelle B.

Julia S.

Layla A-N

Lindsay M.

Jo M.

The emperor penguin by Michelle B.
Endures the toughest climates, standing in the bitter cold and wind. Walks awkwardly on land, but glides with elegance in water.

Diana A. - "spread your wings"