Hello and Welcome to Mind in Kingston's Weekly Art Challenge Exhibition!


The Art Challenge project emerged from years of experience using the arts for wellbeing and helping others dip into their creativity as a source of strength and resilience. We have all experienced the therapeutic benefits of art, whether painting or building sandcastles as a child or visiting museums as an adult and being viewers of art expression. You may consider yourself creative, or an artist and have experienced your creativity's power to transform your experience. I certainly have, and I want to encourage as many fellow artists and non-artists to have a go and immerse yourself in this beautiful and powerful way of nurturing your soul. 

We have been facing unprecedented challenges throughout the pandemic, and it is paramount that we keep going and bolster our resilience in whatever way we can. You might paint, draw, keep a sketch diary or journal, even scribble on the corner of your book, take photographs or make sculptures and you may have noticed that creativity relaxes you. It relieves stress and helps you to think more clearly and relax. There are many ways people define art, and there are many purposes of art. It can be a decoration or entertainment, but for many, it is connected to self-understanding, personal growth, a search for meaning or to enhance wellbeing. Drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, and other art forms are powerful and effective forms of communication and do not be afraid to use it. Anyone can make art, there is no right or wrong way to do this, but your way!

In times like the pandemic, it is crucial to dip into the creativity that helped us overcome traumas for thousands of years. Art making has been around throughout human history as a means of documenting people's ideas, feelings, dreams and aspirations. It helps us make sense of experiences that we might have no words for, and it can help us get through our challenges. 

Throughout the eight weeks, I will be presenting you with weekly themes and art activity ideas you can use to help you get started in your creative journey. I hope you enjoy sharing the love of making art with us and I hope you decide to share your images through the exhibition. We would love to see your creative expressions!
I also hope that through the project and the website, we can inspire others to be creative to enhance their wellbeing. 

If you would like to exhibit your weekly art creations, please email your pictures to me on edit@mindinkingston.org.uk

I hope you enjoy every minute of your journey into the arts. I definitely will!


Edit Biro-Hannah
Art Psychotherapist (HCPC, BACP and BAAT reg.)

Arts in Health Project Lead